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About Us

In a preeminently technologic world, where everyone has access to the internet and virtually infinite information, security plays a significant role in people’s life. Locksmith Graham is a locksmith agency that prioritizes anticipation measures over anything else. We believe that the best way to deal with security breaches is preventing them from happening in the first place. Although there is no way to make your property “un-burglarizable”, we can make any attempt extremely difficult and time-consuming, discouraging even the most resourceful criminals.


Achieving credibility is a hard task for a locksmith. Scams and overcharges are everywhere, and Josh Riley knew this by first-hand experience. Living in Graham all his life, he always wanted to have his own business.

The decision to start fixing locks and keys came after a traumatic incident where he lost his keys and was unable to enter his apartment. After some attempts of picking the lock himself, he called a local locksmith service. He waited a long time, and the technician never arrived. He had to break his own window to regain access and lost a lot of money in repairs.

He asked many of his friends about those situations and the responses were like a sign, “They never arrive on time,” or “I had to break the door to get in.” He saw the chance to make a difference and invested his savings in lock-picking tools and a key cutter machine.

As a mobile locksmith, he soon became the top choice in the neighborhood. Two years later he created Locksmith Graham, and today he has a thriving business with three agencies and a dozen employees.

“It is hard to believe sometimes, but I feel proud of my team and all the people that supported me.”

Boss Riley

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